Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Estate Agencies in the Costa Del Sol

The days of large companies on the Costa Del Sol are gone. The agencies who rented office space in high-end locations occasionally several offices are gone, the offenders for spending the money are bankrupt leaving 1000´s of buyers with no point of contact. Spending money company cars and exhibitions in top hotels made huge financial problems for firms on the coast and when sales ceased there was nothing left of their finances.
Here we are now in the present and how do things look? Companies that paid attention to their clients are here, with less of a presence having scaled back their running costs. Many of the new companies have focused on the web for obtaining clients.

There are company logo cars, as most firms are looking to pass that cost to their commission only sales people. This will change moving forward as property companies start to have a better bank balance, until then freelance sales reps will remain.

The next generation of companies to break the mold will have a different way of doing business from those who went bump, they will help make each employee feel part of the team that wants to help buyers. There will be a customer service team remunerated for excellence, the same as sales people who get both a basic salary commission structure linked towards looking after the buyer throughout the process.

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